We provide necessary capital so that you can cover your expenses and jumpstart your startup from ideation to MVP development stage.

No clue on how to build technologies? Don’t worry – We will build your MVP for you according to your vision and provide ongoing support and further development!

How to spark the Network effect? How do you best conduct B2B cold sales? How do I monetise my users? That’s all questions we can answer for you, because you’ll have a team of experts on board that know exactly what to do.

No graphic design skills? No idea how to do Social Media Marketing? From simple logo designs to setting up automated marketing campaigns and beyond – leave it to us, we’ll deliver!

Now you’ve got a working MVP and have real users, hurray! Next step: set up a fundraising team, create financial models, cold-email VCs, preparing fundraising timelines, …Too complicated? We’ll do it for you! Our network of investors and extensive experience in fundraising will maximise your startup value.

A launching pad for earliest stage startups into Unicorns and beyond.

Case study


Riviera Circle

Got to the MVP stage using a UK-based digital agency who overcharged for their service and delivered a subpar product with low scalability. Using our guidance we were able to bring parts of the development in-house, increase the pace of development and prepare for massive scalability - all with a simultaneous cost reduction of over 80%.

Riviera Circle uses technology to connect brands with their most relevant target audience and grew to over 1000 organic users and over 20 brands within 7 months.

An exclusive James Bond premier event with over 50 supercars hosted by Riviera Circle in partnership with Aston Martin Works and Pinewood Cinema made possible using technology.

Meet The Team

Behind our Angel Syndicate is a highly experienced and award-winning multidisciplinary team based in London with a passion for helping innovative startups succeed. With multiple successful startup endeavours and fundraising rounds under our own belt, we strongly believe we are able to add value to yours.

“[NOT CONFIRMED] N/ABLE Capital was here for us every step of the way and was able to cut our technology development cost down by over 80% within a month.”

James KFounder of Riviera Circle

Kemal Cenan

Kem brings with him decades-long experience in finance and has a proven track record in building technology startups based around communities. His ability to identify exceptional investment opportunities lead to him becoming the Senior Portfolio Manager at EBRD, directly responsible for managing a €10bn+ portfolio.

He is also the CEO at Riviera Circle, a startup that uses technology and data to connect luxury brands with their most relevant target audience.

Kem obtained a degree in MSc Engineering at the University of Oxford


Josef Chen

Josef has founded and exited a startup in Austria and brings with him extensive knowledge and network around startups, technology and business.

He also has leadership experience in both technology and finance, having assembled and led successful teams over 40 people.

Josef has obtained a BSc Degree in Economics, Politics and International Studies at the University of Warwick.

Head of Technology

Maciej Gamrot

A computer scientist with decades long programming experience and a proven track record in leading successful technology teams. Maciej has an extensive overview of the current technologies available in the market and is able to quickly assess which type of technologies are the right solution for startups.

Maciej obtained a degree in BSc Computer Science at the University of Warwick.

Head of VC

Leopold Wilczek

Leopold has a proven track record of assembling and leading large finance teams as well as asset management experience. He is a master of structuring teams, implementing governance and closing the right deals.

Leopold obtained a degree in BSc Philosophy, Politics and Economics at the University of Warwick.

Business Development

Filip Olofson

A few examples of startups we are invested in

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